Créations Estelle Clareton


If dance and the body are the preferred languages of the choreographer, theatre has a vital place in her approach of the physical language. From her first pieces created in 1995, we can feel that the body wants to say, wants to express states of being. Estelle Clareton elaborates a universe where the dialog between the two mediums is possible and complementary. This dialog varies according to the subject, leaving sometimes the body, sometimes the words, express themseves more.

Creative circus has also taken a precious place in the choreographer’s life in the past 7 years (she is Artistic Advisor and Track Director at the National Circus School of Montreal). It has found a place, by moments, in the choreographer’s work. More particularly in S’ENVOLER (FURIES, Epsilon 5/24) where one of the performers is an acrobat. The playfulness, the clown work, the acrobatic flights as well as jugglery are aspects of this medium that inspire the choreographer and that are found, by stroke, in her stage propositions.

In 2005, Estelle Clareton feels the need to project herself into the future and organizes her works in a series entitled FURIES. An exploration through the body, full of vital energy and rage, that is born from a sense of emergency to say, defend and share her point of view on the world and her relation to the other. FURIES already counts 9 creations and will consist of 24 artistic propositions following the Greek alphabet.

Montreal Danse embarks in the adventure and produces the first piece of the series; FURIES, Alpha 1/24 (2005). A piece for 6 performers that has had great success and toured in several countries. Montreal Danse is also involved in 2010, as co-producer and touring manager for S’ENVOLER (FURIES, Epsilon 5/24), the most ambitious show ever for the choreographer. This large-scale piece created with 12 performers has toured in Quebec, Canada, Mexico, France and Germany since 2010.

In the Fall of 2013, after a 6-month stay in Paris thanks to a scholarship grant from the CALQ (Quebec studio in Paris and residency at the CND in Pantin) Estelle Clareton plunges into the new creation horizons she has highlighted during her sojourn. From this point on she directs her efforts to a more organic dance, leaving the familiar movements for a more physical experience, freed of form. S’AMOURACHER (FURIES, Iota 9/24) is the first piece where bodies blow up form. More recently, LUMIÈRES ET TREMBLEMENTS (created for the 2015 final-year students of the École de Danse Contemporaine de Montréal) dives even more into this path which promises to be fascinating for the future projects of the choreographer.