Créations Estelle Clareton

estelle clareton danse

Common themes taken on by the choreographer comprise a realistic look on life, social relations and the hands-on experience of living and growing. At the heart of her process is a will to understand where we come from, where we are going and why. Knowing that it all will end one day. With each piece she probes the human being, looking for passing truths.The quest for independence and lost identity occupy her pieces regularly. And humour and tragedy are in the mix.

If dance and the body are the preferred languages of the choreographer, theatre and – more recently – creative circus, take a vital place in her approach of the dancing mouvement.

In the last 15 years, the Company has created 12 projects, produced and toured shows, participated in festivals and major artistic events in Quebec, Canada and abroad. The Company also organizes meetings and workshops relating to the shows it presents.

UNDER THE SOLITARY NIGHT– November 2017/ Coproducer Les Trois Tristes Tigres // Théâtre de Quat’sous, Montréal

STRETCHY – November 2015 / coproducer Agora de la danse // Montréal

ENAMURED (FURIES, Epsilon 9/24) – April 2014 / coproducer Agora de la danse // Montréal

JE NE TOMBERAI PAS – VASLAV NIJINSKI – October 2013 / coproducers Bernard Meney and Danse Cité, codiffuser Théâtre de Quat’sous / Théâtre de Quat’sous // Montréal

ÉTUDE SUR L’AMOUR / AUTOMNE – Autumn 2012 / Project 3x3x3 with 3 maisons de la culture de Montréal (Villeray, Plateau et Frontenac)

LE BATTEMENT DU CŒUR DE LA MORT (FURIES, Thêta 8/24) – Summer 2011/ short film

TAKING OFF (FURIES Epsilon 5/24) – September 2010 / coproducers Montréal Danse and Agora de la danse / Agora de la danse // Montréal + touring in Québec, FTA 2011, Mexico, Vancouver and Europe from 2010 à 2014

TROIS TERRITOIRES QUOTIDIENS – October 2007 / coproducer Agora de la danse and Le fils d’Adrien danse // Montréal

FURIES, Delta 4/24 – November 2006 / Puzzle Danse // Touring in France and Quebec

FURIES, Gamma 3/24 – July 2006 / vidéo for 16 women // Montréal

ICARE (FURIES Bêta 2/24) – June 2006 / short film // Montréal

FURIES ALPHA 1/24 – September 2005 / coproducer Montréal Danse // Montréal +touring in Europe

MESSIEURS, DAME. – march 2005 / Agora de la danse // Montréal

MESSIEURS – 2004 / short film for 13 men // Montréal

MONSIEUR – 2003 // Agora de la danse and Théâtre de Quat’Sous, Montréal / Touring in France and Quebec

C’EST À 30 ANS QUE QUOI DÉJÀ ? – 2002 / Co-creation with Manon Brunelle // Musée d’art contemporain of Montréal / Touring Jouer dans l’île, Montréal

JULIETTE – 2001 // Montréal / France / Angleterre