Créations Estelle Clareton


Enamured : Obssessed by a sudden, often temporary, passion for someone; to become enamoured.

There are two contradictory, opposed, painful movements in this verb by vertue of their violent excesses. There is the act of falling in love, almost immediatelly followed by a wrenching. A flight of enthusiasm followed by absence. A botched impulse. A mental construction that collapses.

With this show, imagined as a social-surgery investigation, the choreographer examines a heart that seems sick. A wounded heart, in a state of crisis, beating irregularly. A heart that is forever flooded and drained. A strong, anxious, fragile, modest, erratic, loyal, vigourous heart.

The theme is Love in all its struggles. With this new creation Estelle Clareton wants to hold an in-depth investigation on the state of Love today. More particularly on the state of the couple, on the danced duet, the always interrupted impulses, all this with respect to the body and its secrets.

Supported by Stéphanie Jasmin (dramatist), Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt (costume designer), Éric Forget (composer) and François Marceau (lighting designer), Estelle Clareton will stage the gaze of a lover of love, on love.


CHOREOGRAPHY | Estelle Clareton en collaboration avec les interprètes

DANCERS | Esther Rousseau-Morin, Brice Noeser , Louiza Bentoumi, Christophe Rappin

DRAMATURGY | Stéphanie Jasmin


COSTUMES | Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt

MUSIC | Éric Forget

LIGHTS | François Marceau

COPRODUCERS | Créations Estelle Clareton, Agora de la danse

RESIDENCIES DURING CREATION | Théâtre de la ville de Longueuil, Maison de la culture Patro le Prévost, Agora de la danse.

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