Créations Estelle Clareton

There could be no more joyous celebration for Estelle Clareton than to reunite with part of the original team for the re-creation of this work nearly 10 years after its first presentation. With support from the Conseil des arts de Montréal and Réseau Accès-Culture, the new version is an opportunity for two older artists – actor Fayolle Jean and former dancer Anne-Marie Clareton – as well as the young Olivia Thelland to perform with dancers Noémie Godin Vigneau, Sylvain Lafortune, Brice Noeser, Alexandre Parenteau, and Jamie Wright. This project was inspired by the experience of Taking Off, Danced by Children, presented at Maison Théâtre in Montreal in May 2018, with the participation of 70 children.

A key work in Estelle Clareton’s repertoire, Taking Off was created at l’Agora de la danse in 2010. In this piece echoing the great migrations of birds, a small, tight-knit community faces various obstacles on their journey. The choreographer questions identity and the feeling of belonging to a place. Between the country of origin and the adopted country, how does one develop roots and form links of memory and attachment to place? What if, in the end, true identity is found in the tracings of these thousand journeys between one place and the other?

This re-creation project is made possible by the financial support of the Conseil des arts de Montréal and the Service de la culture of the City of Montreal.


CHOREOGRAPHY | Estelle Clareton en collaboration avec les interprètes

DANCERS | Esther Rousseau-Morin, Brice Noeser , Sylvain Lafortune, Louis Maltais, Dominic Caron, Alexandre Parenteau, Marie-Eve Lafontaine, Julie Marcil, Jamie Wright, Sonya Stefan, Bernard Martin, Noémie Godin-Vigneau.

DRAMATURGY | Stéphanie Jasmin

CREATION ASSISTANT | Catherine La Frenière


COSTUMES | Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt

MUSIC | Éric Forget

LIGHTS Martin Labrecque

COPRODUCERS | Créations Estelle Clareton, Montréal Danse et Agora de la danse

RESIDENCIES DURING CREATION ( Canada Arts Council grant) | Théâtre de la ville de Longueuil, Salle Pauline-Julien (Sainte-Geneviève), Théâtre du Bic, Agora de la danse.




  • Festival les Hivernales, Avignon | febuary 28th
  • CND Pantin, Paris | march 4,5, 6 th
  • Festival de Mainz | march 14 th


  • Alma | january 24th
  • 3 rivières | febuary 6th
  • l’Assomption (x2) | march 18th
  • Laval | march 20th
  • Vancouver | march 27,28,29th


  • Théâtre Lionel-Groulx, Ste-Thérèse | march 29 th 2012.
  • Festival de Mexico, FMX | may 4th et 5th 2012


  • Salle Pauline Julien, Ste Geneviève | january 28 2011
  • Théâtre du Bic | february 1st 2011
  • Salle Pratt et Whitney, Théâtre de la ville de Longueuil | february 3rd 2011
  • FTA | 7 and 8 of june 2011
  • Théâtre de Verdure, Montréal | august 3rd 2011
  • Festival de Guadalajara, Mexique | september 29th 2011
  • Théâtre Télébec, Val D’Or | october 13th 2011
  • Maison de la culture de Montréal-Nord | october 21st 2011
  • Théâtre Outremont, Montréal | october 22th 2011
  • La Rotonde, Québec | november 3, 4, 5 2011
  • Théâtre Centennial de Lennoxville | november 8 th2011
  • Maison de la culture St-Laurent | november 10 th 2011
  • Maison de la culture St-Léonard : | november 18 th 2011
  • Théâtre des deux Rives, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu | november 20 th 2011
  • Salle Albert-Dumouchel, Valleyfield | november 24 th 2011 


  • Agora de la danse , Montréal | 17 to 30 september 2010

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